Our Program

From our experience many new brokers worry that they will need to know everything on day one. This can be overwhelming!
Our program is specifically designed in partnership with MFAA to evolve along with your knowledge and professional development.
The partnership with MFAA brings years of extensive research and learnings about how best to coach, mentor and support new to industry talent whilst simultaneously increasing the professional standards of the industry.
Each stage includes learning material, resources and tools such as checklists, assessment tools, business planning systems, budgeting, cash flow management tools, networking and other lead generation methods.
MBMA offers a weekly structured program including topical lectures aligned to coursework, weekly lunch and learn sessions and Q & A open forums. In addition we also provide fortnightly 1 hour individualised coaching session with your mentor to discuss and review your progress within the program and the execution of your business plan.

Fortnightly 1 Hour One-On-One's

A private 60 minute one on one coaching session with your mentor 

Discuss your progress within the coursework, review the execution of your business plan and review deals on your desk and lodgements

Weekly Subject Lectures

1 Hour Session Covering Course Content

Your opportunity to attend a live weekly session covering key coursework and concepts on your pathway to becoming a broker

Weekly Open Forum Q&A

Your opportunity to ask any questions in relation to your coursework

In these sessions we pull apart the content presented in the lectures to assist in the comprehension and completion of coursework and offer an open forum environment to discuss any further topics as they arise.

Lunch and Learn Sessions

Learn about lender products, policies and loan structuring.

These sessions will be hosted by our lender partners to further assist you in broadening your knowledge of products and policies when researching and structuring finance solutions.


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